Posted by: Leigh Reynolds | February 16, 2011

Even bad chocolate is good – but is it good enough?

I like to speak in analogies – create word pictures to explain complex (or not-so-complex) ideas. Anyone who has worked with me on a project or had any length of conversation with me at all knows this.  I have been working on some new projects lately and wondering, “Why would people put up with such mediocrity? Not only put up with it, but applaud it as something grand?!” Enter new analogy…

There’s a lot of different chocolate in the world. If all you have ever had is the bad, waxy, chocolate “flavored” chocolate, you will still eat it, enjoy it, and recommend it to someone who has never had chocolate. You will thank and laud the person who brought you this amazing concoction for the first time. After all, it’s CHOCOLATE! Yum!

But one day, someone will come along and give you a piece of Godiva. Once you have had this, you may be able to enjoy Hersey’s but there is no going back to celebrating the bad waxy chocolate-like product.  And when you do partake of that less-than-Godiva chocolate, you will now know that what you have is OK – better than no chocolate at all – but not what you really deserve.

I think we should all strive to be Godiva. We should all work toward that level of wonderfulness in all that we do. My dad taught me that. I used to think settling was OK. I got it done, didn’t I?! Why isn’t “good enough” good enough?!

My dad and I had many arguments about this as I grew up. Doors were slammed, shoes were thrown, tears were shed. I used to think he was being so unreasonable. There was a time when I really disliked my father – I always loved him but I really did not like him. What I now know is that he always saw me as Godiva. He looked at me and said, that waxy imitation of something is not who my daughter is and I will not let her be anything less than her best. Just like a fine chocolatier works to temper the chocolate to just the right consistency and flavor, he stuck with me until I was better. Until I was closer to who he always knew I was meant to be.

So today, I am not quite Godiva, but in all that I do I strive to be better than an imitation product. Dad was right; good enough is not good enough. Everyone deserves to be more – God meant us for more.  Those that are on the receiving end of our work, or our passion, or our projects deserve to be served up something far better than that waxy imitation. We just need to believe in ourselves a little and tap into the strengths and gifts we’re given a lot. 

Serve up a little Godiva.



  1. Striving for Godiva…I like it! 🙂

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