Posted by: Leigh Reynolds | June 14, 2016


I spent much of last week working Worship Arts Camp at my church. We had nearly 40 children between the ages of 6 and 11, plus a number of amazing volunteers. We led them in singing, dance (street & ballet), sign language and puppetry; we had classes introducing them to cooking, poetry, storytelling, musical instruments, photography, and technology for worship; we created art… Relaying how all these things can be an act of worship.WAC_Selfie

I was ‘teaching’ several classes, leading the singing, and putting the show together to present to families and friends on Sunday night. I went in to the week excited about all we would be able to impart on the kids – the seeds we would be planting. I knew it would be meaningful, have impact and be fun (not to mention exhausting!)

What I didn’t expect was all I would learn. Or relearn…

Life can be challenging, troubling, and exhausting. Somewhere along the way, I let that part take hold of me, my attitude, and how I move through the world. It was a slow shift and I hadn’t even realized how far off course I had gone. Instead of praising God for all He’s done and continues to do daily, I plead for something easier.

“I’ve been faithful, Lord. I’m a good person. All I’m asking for is some sleep, easier finances, maybe one awesome family vacation, a different view, some relief. I deserve that, don’t I?..” These thoughts were pervasive in my prayers. There has been a whole lot of “why me?!” thinking. Somewhere along the way I stopped worshiping and began whining.

It is time to shift course. This is what this last week and the kids reminded me, taught me again.

In music class, we learned more than melody and rhythm; we spoke of how God is the composer of all music. That he plays for us all the time – in the melody of birds, in the rhythm of the waves, in the wind through the trees. He is singing His love song to us, if we only tune in. I want to listen.

In storytelling, we spoke of how our lives tell a story, whether we write it down or not. What we say, how we act, what we post; it all tells a story. We can tell a story that helps people move closer to God or away from Him. Then Cooper reminded us that God is telling us a story of His love throughout all creation. Cooper’s example was how the rings of a tree tell a story – a thin ring, a rough year; a thick ring, a healthy year with lots of sun, good soil, and water. When we walk closer with God, taking in the Son, drinking the Living Water, we grow a wider ring – impact more for His Kingdom. I want to tell a better story; I want to tune in to the story God is telling me.

I could recount moment after moment from this week; there were so many blessings. So many reminders that we each have many opportunities each and every day to remember God, to thank Him, to worship.

In the midst of a world that can be hard, dark, mean, confusing, judgmental and unjust, there is still light, love, a meaningful story, a beautiful song. In the wake of the Orlando shooting, it is all the more important that we tune into the light and are conscientious of what we put back out there. The world needs it.

Today I hope to edit the story I’m telling and the song I’m singing. My prayer is that I worship him daily. Worship can be a big, bold, choreographed service that draws people in. Worship can also be as simple as showing respect and love because that’s what Jesus wants us to do:

  • When I put on my bracelets, it’s not just putting on jewelry. I can stop to think about the ladies across the globe who created them, pray for Mercy House Global and their ministry to empower and enable in Jesus’ name…
  • When I make meals for my family, buy groceries to fill my cupboards, I can thank God for providing nourishment and choose healthy options that take better care of the bodies He’s given us…
  • When I take a walk/exercise, instead of just trying to look better or lose weight, I can approach it from the stance of honoring Him with better health. I can greet everyone I pass with a smile and say good morning…
  • When a friend posts something on Facebook I disagree with, I can slow down and think before I respond, be more intentional, check in with God before I type or before I choose to say nothing lest I make waves – Just ask how He would have me respond…

As people of God, as individuals who claim to love and follow Christ, how we live and move through the world matters. We are telling a story about Jesus to those who don’t know Him.

My challenge to myself and anyone who will join me is to find just one small act of worship each day and commit to it. We can help humanity lean more into kindness, peace and love. With an attitude of worship, we can walk in more grace, write a better story, sing a better song. That’s my hope, my prayer, and my goal. Maybe you’ll join me.DAOW


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