Some of My Favorites

I have a few places I look to for inspiration, to remind me to have a better attitide and to get some other insights and ideas… If you like my blog, odds are you will like these resources as well, so I thought I’d share:

  • Marcus Buckingham – I ahve read most of his books and heard him speak. He core philosphy is to play to your own and other’s strengths, as opposed to trying to minimize weaknesses. I happen to think that is exactly how the world should turn, so I am a big fan. Plus, he is amazingly adorable, and you should hear his voice!
  • Non-Profit Humor – After two decades of being in non-profit, I found this site hilarious. I have been known to say, “we laugh, lest we cry” and this site made me laugh at all the things we all know are too funny to be true about non-profit, yet are. Enjoy!
  • Starfish and the Spider – Love the book, love the business philosophy, hate that more people do not follow it. It is a good read…
  • The Purpose Driven Life – My husband and I went through a winter Bible study on this book and reflect back on it often. If we are ever in a bookstore or at a garage sale and see a copy of the book, we pick it up and then find someone to hand it to later. It can be a life-changer for ya.
  • Bowling Alone – For a short while I was blessed and priviledged to work on an amazing project that was trying to reverse the health epidemic in this country by tapping into the root problems behind it – a detached society, a lack of social capital, and a longing to make something real again. Sounds liek bunk to some, but there is a lot of research done by some brilliantly smart people that says the greater our social capital, the healthier we are. I believe them…
  • WiseCommunities – That ‘amazing project” I just mentioned was, at its root, about rebuilding the front porch of America. I still dream of a country full of communities that are alive, connected, open, and working together to enact positive change. This is a short video I produced about it – I may not be leading the charge any longer, and I may not have had a very deep impact, but I am know others, like are picking up the torch and taking the next leg… I pray they succeed.
  • The Bible – I saved the best for last… I have found that anything I read that has any real impact or rings of truth –  business book, self-help information, inspirational novel – has it’s truth rooted in Biblical principles, whether they acknowledge it or not. Some of the best sellers don’t give credit where credit is due, but it works because it is based on the ideals God set out for us in His Word.
    I won’t link to this one because there are many different resouces online and far too many twist it with their own interpretations, pulling out parts of verses to prove their point, not listen to God’s. I think you have to find quiet time and read it for yourself. Let Him speak directly to your heart.

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